Holly Kirkland Clouser is a mixed media artist, photographer, and floral designer located in Wilmington, Delaware.  She is inspired most by nature and her work effuses a sense of lightness and femininity.  Holly's favorite pieces are often those that require a creative use of materials, those that integrate symbolism or archetypes, and those that play with light and reflection.  Antheia's Whisper, the company namesake, is derived from the Greek goddess of flowers and flowering wreaths, Antheia, combined with the "whispers" or creative musings that drive Holly's endeavors.

Holly currently serves as Vice President of the Studio Group at the historic Howard Pyle Studio in Wilmington.


Holly is an international award-winning photographer, showcasing her love for nature, and has especially fallen in love with photographing baby animals.  She was showcased as a finalist in Photographer's Forum Magazine's "Best of Photography 2018."  In May, 2019, Holly's photograph "Mutual Fascination" was chosen by National Geographic's editors as YourShot Photo of the Week.  Her love for the geese and ducks along the Brandywine River has inspired a growing series of books and calendars.  "Growing Up Gosling," a photo essay following a of Canada geese and its evolving flock, is available for purchase through Antheia's Whisper.


Antheia's Whisper creates custom-order floral designs and decor for high-end events.  Holly would love to work closely with you, using your vision as a creative springboard for unique floral expressions.  Please visit the "Contact" page, subtitled above, to request a consultation for your next event!

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